Wednesday, October 17, 2012

today is idoportals beginners or intermediate locomotion

do 3 to 5 sets throughout the day

wide leg and grip  deadlifts @ 1.5x bodyweight (BW) x 3
rope climb x 2 (15')
30 double unders

5 rounds no timer. You can do it like a METCON or you can spread out each round through the day

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  1. L3+ is a loaded weight vest walk with extra weight. so weight vest was 30# the extra was a ruck of 45#
    3 miles

    swim today was a hypoxic day 25 m pool 4 lengths = 100 m (2laps) first length no breaths 2nd length was 1 breath 3rd=2breath 4th=3

    so hypoxic 100 followed by one minute tread water with both hands out of the water.
    4 rounds

    workout was done in 9 min 52 sec with good form the whole time
    300# deads
    15 foot rope climb
    unbroken double unders

    15 min of handstand and back bend variations broken up through out the day
    locomotion intermediate x2
    I felt extremely strong after taking almost one month of of no workouts other than neuro gymnastics work