Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Whew it has been a long time. I have been to LA a bunch teaching and there will be a video available on that in about one month. That video is about disaster prep. I have also been working on some new training stuff and wrote a blogpost for blackscoutsurvival. I will set a link to that and start the next meso cycle for our training.

new codes
L3 is regular weighted walk with 10-15% bodyweight
L3- is walk slick
L3+ is 20 to 40% bodyweight
L3c is regular plus carrying a load i.e. weightvest @10% and a kettlebell@15% bodyweight

remember everyday is L3 read the L3 post

next post will start the training 

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  1. Hey Adam, Let us know the link to that video as soon as it comes out. I'd be interested in gaining some knowledge from it. Thanks