Friday, March 6, 2015


I get this question a lot, "What do peoples eyes do when they are lying"? and the problem with this is
it doesn't work that way with eyes. Deception is tricky because people will express the same cues if they are very emotional. 

Before I get into this 3 keys to remember:
  1. One cue is not an accurate read. Every emotion will show up in more than one place on the body. You need at least 3 to be accurate, 2 to be confident, 1 is a guess.
  2. Don't get attached to what you see, because if you are not clear you will misrepresent what you are seeing. You will see things that are not really present.
  3. There are 2 delinations of nonverbal cues, I teach the second:
    1. Cultural like flipping someone off, or giving the okay sign.
    2. Cross cultural, what is hardwired into the system. Why do blind people smile when they have never seen anyone do it?, because it is innate in the system. 

There is a myth  that if someone looks up and left or low right it means blah blah blah. It is not true. One guy proposed it but it didn't stand up in peer reviewed studies.
This is one of the more passive articles about the eye tracking stuff. The idea is/was, when you are accessing one part of the brain you look a certain way. This can be true but isn't across the board true. A key piece to think about is when someone is lying and someone is feeling emotional the same cues tend to be expressed.

So what can you do?
How can you tell deception?

The first question, "Are their verbal expression congruent with their nonverbals?" This is good for people that have been readers for a while, but what about people who are just starting?

Some consistent cues that help:
  • Regardless of handedness left hand is low left when talking the are creating a distraction and it is probably not "keepin' it 100"(accurate). Here is a slide from my power point presentation. Cover one up and then look at the other.

  • People turn away from you towards the/an exit when they are trying to convince you of something. This is them providing themselves "an escape." Most people will turn slightly when talking and they should it makes them feel safe, but if they back up significantly or turn towards an exit take notice. 
  • If their feet shift angles dramatically. Foot angles all mean something different, so don't get twisted on this. Sometimes a foot switch is because they are anchoring their point but if it shows up with some of the others take notice. 
  • If they face you hard and over emphasize, this is an aggressive posture and will put up hackles on both people. Turn slightly and it will deescalate and you will have a better read. If someone faces you hard then you will be distracted by your own defense mechanisms, so turn a little bit.
  • If it is an unnatural gesture (Clinton: I did not sleep with that woman)
  • He doesn't actually mean what ever he is about to say
  • He is feeling attacked but is hopeless and trying to escape and push back
  • I have no understanding of the financial wizardry that goes on so this is not calling Rick Rubin out it is just the first thing that came up in google images.
Some thoughts:
  • All of these can mean something else except left hand. (Left hand low is a 90% kind of read.)
  • Some people lie as a habit so don't hold it against them
  • Does the lie really matter?, if not just catalogue it to decide how to deal with the person.
  • You press them and you can end up with 2 very different things 
    • They will provide better reads because they are reinforcing the lie.
    • They move into an emotional space and then the reads are invalid for deception.
  • Narcissist and socio/psychopaths tend to be VERY VERY good liars so if you are dealing with that then don't try to deconstruct them. It isn't worth it. 
Read "spy the lie"

If you have any questions email me or leave them in the comments.
I you want a workshop on how to read body language call me, email me, come by and see me, but lets do it!
Adam Ticknor

Saturday, February 7, 2015

quadrapedal switches

Play with em and let me know

Sunday, January 25, 2015

This is a photo of late 1990s Marine Corps Sniper School, and the students are following me on or off the rifle range, running just like little piggies should.
 I just watched the American Sniper movie. First Bradley Cooper...strong work. Secondly I think that the movie did a great job at showing the gambit of stuff without making it about politics or trying to glorify him. Sure there is some hollywood in there but far less than you would imagine. I want to thank Clint for doing something that showed a broad spectrum of what happens and what we struggle with. It shows how we get indoctrinated emotionally in such a way that combat is more comfortable than daily life and how we struggle and fight with trying to re-assimilate into a society where the skills we have dont translate well into the homogenous sterility of American life. It shows how we lose some of the ability to express and feel all the emotions that we have. This happens to all combat arms, and some supporting arms, now when it comes to snipers or special operations we are the best in the world and we come back to the United States where we are not allowed or have no venue to do what we are best at. Remember that you maybe good at what you do and some may be one of the top folks in the world and that is something that you will be able to do until you die. We cant. So not only are we fragile our expertise is removed, and for some it is how they are defined. It leaves us feeling lost with little to nothing to replace it. SO when you criticize the military remember that it is a necessary evil and the real problem is how those in power have used us. The propaganda machine is being put into place by us as a public. So if you have a problem with combat put people into office that know how to properly use the military tool.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Lat Pushups

This is for activating the Lat and the Serratus. They are super underutilized parts of your core. This is one activator to find where the lat is. For 2 weeks do 3 sets of 3. One set consists of 3 to the ear(listen) 3 to the nose (look) and 3 your choice just reach your hand as far as you can. Proper use of the Lat will really help with any overhead loading from Oly lifts to handstands and pushups. It helps with punching and for the gunfighters out there it helps with marksmanship. Recoil control management and during the need for sustained shooting platforms (CQB or unsupported shooting positions). These are much harder than they look. Remember these are activators (teach the body where it is) not exercises.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Here is part 2 of the LA disaster prep video

Alright folks here is part 2 of 8 of the video series. Take notes, make comments and ask questions
15 kb swings @1/3 bodyweight
5 chest to ground pushups
AMRAP 3 min
rest 3 min repeat

Friday, April 4, 2014

It has been awhile and I have been receiving a lot of emails about what to get and carry so here is some of thestuff and the beginning of the disaster prep videos

Later I will have a booklist
Every Day Carry
THis is stuff always on your person or close at hand. Much of this is small and useful.
  1. Bag to carry it in. Any bag that is comfy from purse to backpack
  2. Fire
    1. ferro rod and scraper
    2. Striker, carbide tool sharpener
    3. Vaseline soaked cotton balls wrapped in aluminum foil
    4. matches, dont bother
    5. lighter, sure but dont rely on it
  3. Water
    1. 1 qt water bottle with water in it
    2. steel water bottle:
  4. Shelter
    1. weather protection, get a long sleeve shirt and something to cover your neck and face
      1. rain
      2. snow
      3. sun
  1. Multi Tool/knife
    1. Leatherman Wave or Surge and or a raptor
    2. Knives
      1. Scrapyard:
      2. Swamprat:
      3. Fehrman:
      4. ESEE:
      5. survive knives:                                                

  2. Communications
    1. have a charged cell phone and a charger
  3. Flashlight
    1. works to illuminate and protect/self defense if you get the right kind
    2. I use a surefire e1b for my handheld and a Surefire minimus for my headlamp, find them on sale or used
    3. if you want cheaper
      1. go with nitecore or olight maybe a fenix
  4. Snack
    1. EPIC bar
  5. Cash about $100
  6. Cordage
    1. 550 cord or dental floss
  7. Spork
  8. Basic first aid that should take up as much as one or two altoid tins
      1. tourniquet
      2. heavy bandage
      3. hemostatic agent
      4. tweezers
      5. hemostat
      6. sponge
      7. safety pins
      8. Bandaid
      9. any mandatory meds you may need
        1. epi pens/benedryl
        2. insulin
        3. etc
  9. Misc,
    1. Handcuff key
    2. lock pick set if you know how to use it. If you dont learn
    3. weapon if you that is your bent
    4. sunglasses UVA/UVB

This kit should be supplemented with what you are already carrying. Example there is no need to have another hand held flash light. However make sure you have batteries for the one your are carrying.

  1. Fire
    1. Large Ferro Rod
  2. Water
    1. Lifesaver water bottles
      2. ½ gallon for each person in the family. Have a method of carrying it that is easy. I recommend having a new water bladder (camelback) that is dry and before you head on your walk fill the bladder and you have everything in your backpack.
  3. Shelter
    1. small blanket x 2 (if you have kids one wont cut it) or really good small sleeping bag
      1. wool blankets are awesome but they are bulky and heavy.
    2. small tarp
    3. sleeping pad
      1. anything here will do from expensive thermarest to used military surplus isomat
  4. Self Defense
    1. Tire Club
    2. Bear Spray
    3. Chain mail suit (Just seeing if your paying attention)
    4. Pistol with spare magazine
    5. Good flashlight
  5. Communication
    1. way to charge phone or computer
    2. satellite messenger each company has some interesting options. Look at them both and think about what you may need.
      1. SPOT,
      2. Delorme,
  6. Tools
    2. Shovel foldable
    3. Stuff to trade or give away
    4. Cordage
    5. Blinky lights (the small red LED lights for bicyclists are cheap and AWESOME)
  7. First Aid
    2. Trauma
      1. splints
      2. Tourniquets
      3. big blood bandages
    3. Basic medical
      1. scrapes
      2. bruises
      3. cuts
      4. punctures
      5. allergies
  8. Comfort
    1. For the kids
      1. candy
      2. toy
      3. stuffed animal
      4. books
      5. charged ipod
    2. Shoes for everyone
    3. Backpack for at least 2

  1. Food
    1. one month rations that are easily prepared and moved
      1. protein
        1. Canned fish
      2. fat
        1. coconut oil
        2. avocado
        3. nuts
      3. carbs
        1. potatoes
        2. Sweet potatoes
        3. Greens
        4. Yucca
        5. plantains
        6. apples, you can stew these for a long time or dry them
        7. dried fruits
        8. pickled
      4. something fun
    2. Ensure that you begin rationing soon. As Americans we consume a great deal more food than we NEED. Don't wait too long. Remember to start cooking what you have in the fridge first. LEAVE THE FREEZER CLOSED the meat that is frozen will keep it cold for a few more days. The stuff in the fridge will not keep. Splurge on that.
  2. Water there are two purification systems that I use
    1. Lifesaver the cubes or jerry cans
    2. First needs General ecology hand pump
    3. 10 gallons per person minimum
    4. Fill bath tubs, pots pans etc. Fill EVERYTHING!
    5. Remember that your hot water heater has between 20 and 50 gallons of clean water. If you turn off the water from the street after you fill the tubs then the water wont get compromised.
  3. Hygiene
    1. Bathroom
      1. Bucket
        1. solid waste in the bucket
        2. wet waste elsewhere
        3. kitty litter
        4. lime
        5. cedar
        6. trash bags
      2. Soap
      3. teeth
      4. fingernails
      5. etc
  4. Medical
    1. meds
    2. first aid
  5. Communication
    1. Radio
  6. Solar Charger
  7. Books. Will keep people busy for longer periods of time, keeps them mentally and emotionally engaged and it helps build education since the kids wont be in school.
    1. fun
    2. educational
    3. Time consuming
      1. books
    4. No need for electronics
  8. Tools
    1. basic hand tools for carpentry and vehicular maintenance.
    2. House hold items,
      1. pots pans (cast iron)
      2. knives
      3. knife sharpener
    3. Extra easily damageable items
      1. tarps
      2. handles for tools
      3. clothing
      4. boots/shoes
    4. Wagon for easily moving all this about. Even if you are taking it to a vehicle or from the garage to the house or taking out garbage. Keep a good wagon (outdoorsy type) or wheelbarrow around. THey can even be used for a great toy for the kids, i.e. Calvin and Hobbesesque