Sunday, January 25, 2015

This is a photo of late 1990s Marine Corps Sniper School, and the students are following me on or off the rifle range, running just like little piggies should.
 I just watched the American Sniper movie. First Bradley Cooper...strong work. Secondly I think that the movie did a great job at showing the gambit of stuff without making it about politics or trying to glorify him. Sure there is some hollywood in there but far less than you would imagine. I want to thank Clint for doing something that showed a broad spectrum of what happens and what we struggle with. It shows how we get indoctrinated emotionally in such a way that combat is more comfortable than daily life and how we struggle and fight with trying to re-assimilate into a society where the skills we have dont translate well into the homogenous sterility of American life. It shows how we lose some of the ability to express and feel all the emotions that we have. This happens to all combat arms, and some supporting arms, now when it comes to snipers or special operations we are the best in the world and we come back to the United States where we are not allowed or have no venue to do what we are best at. Remember that you maybe good at what you do and some may be one of the top folks in the world and that is something that you will be able to do until you die. We cant. So not only are we fragile our expertise is removed, and for some it is how they are defined. It leaves us feeling lost with little to nothing to replace it. SO when you criticize the military remember that it is a necessary evil and the real problem is how those in power have used us. The propaganda machine is being put into place by us as a public. So if you have a problem with combat put people into office that know how to properly use the military tool.

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