Friday, January 9, 2015

Lat Pushups

This is for activating the Lat and the Serratus. They are super underutilized parts of your core. This is one activator to find where the lat is. For 2 weeks do 3 sets of 3. One set consists of 3 to the ear(listen) 3 to the nose (look) and 3 your choice just reach your hand as far as you can. Proper use of the Lat will really help with any overhead loading from Oly lifts to handstands and pushups. It helps with punching and for the gunfighters out there it helps with marksmanship. Recoil control management and during the need for sustained shooting platforms (CQB or unsupported shooting positions). These are much harder than they look. Remember these are activators (teach the body where it is) not exercises.

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