Tuesday, January 25, 2011

500 double unders
everytime you stop or fail at the double under you have 5 chest to ground pushups

then max pullups and dips


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  2. Check this new invention.
    It is a post workout recovery drink I just made up. that is going to rock your sweaty socks off:

    A cup of RAW MILK (moooo...)
    A scoop of roasted yam ( without skin - sweet and delicious)
    A spoonful of raw cacao powder (I use nativas naturals...)
    dash cinnamon
    splash of vanilla
    Can add a bit of water if you need.
    Holy COW. Drinking it makes barfy tabatas with 45lb kettlebells so worthwhile.

    For Raw Milk: in L.A., find it at Hollywood Sunday Farmer Market and other farm mkts, or to source it nationwide check here: http://www.realmilk.com/where1.html
    Damian said to use A2 raw milk - got to find out the difference ??

    PS I suggest drinking this to the Jill Scott song Slowly, Surely, featured on this dj mix:

  3. a2 cattle, I dont have time to do a post on this but here is a quick down and dirty
    However if you a metabolically stable and have a healthy gut, you can regular whole raw milk. A2 is easier to deal with.


  4. I'm gonna guess milk from cattle in India is A2 which is why in ayurveda they are fine with milk - though always warm never cold like we were told to chug it here.... in fact in ayurveda often they boil it to denature the protein, or make more digestible. hmm. I may have to look into this more cause it is frickin delicious. thx. I guess Rawsome has A2...?