Friday, January 28, 2011

breathing ladder

A moderate weight kettlebell
this will take between 35 min and an hour

start at 1 swings recover with 1 breaths
2 swings 2 recovery breaths.
Keep going 1 to 1 ratio
There should be a point that you dont have enough time to recover (but do try and cheat, make those recovery breaths last as long as possible) and you get to this sorta panic mode
If you get to 20 go ahead and start coming back down. If on the way back down you dont "run out of recovery time" take half the recovery breaths of the swings. If it is an odd number round up. 19 swings / by 2 = 9.5 recovery breaths take 10

I will do a post later today or tomorrow on the significance of the breathing ladder.
Have fun
THis is one of those that sounds worse than it is, but it is actually kinda pleasent


  1. I feel dumb but I don't get it; do you hold your breath on the swings and only breathe on the recovery breaths? Umm... maybe I'm being slow today.

  2. breathe however you want to while working. The idea is to teach recovery and oxygen efficiency.
    So work and breathe as much as needed
    Rest is one breath for every swing that was done

  3. short on time but wanted to fit this in so modified as suggested:

    approx 13min w/ 25#kb; half recovery breaths on way up & down (rounded down on odd numbers - - figured i wasn't working as long & needed hypoxic effect), started at 10 up to 20 then back down to 10. 10-16 w/ hi swings; 17-20 & reverse ladder w/ reg swings.

    will try this one again with 35# reg kb swings. ur right, with a heavier weight & starting from 1, i can imagine hypoxic effect would really kick in... this should really help with swimming hypoxic workouts.

  4. Ok, feeling dumb, but I still don't get it. You will have to do a post on The Hypoxic Effect. Isn't that a movie with Matt Damon and some Mini Coopers?