Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Working out is one thing. Learning how to integrate everything is just as important. This is a video of learning how to integrate strength. THis is a scalable procedure, you can see on my facebook page a video of a 65 year old client jumping a wall. This is a way to learn how to use all of the strength, speed, balance, control, power and endurance in movement. THis is also why it is important to play a sport.


  1. How do I figure out how to workout for strength, speed, balance, control, power and endurance and does it matter what sport?
    What is parkour bar work? and how should I go about starting paleo as i am at a point where changes are very necessary for prevention.

  2. what is your take on Quinoa it seems like a grey area.

  3. quinoa is not a grey area. It is not your friend. It has something called a saponin, which screws up gut lining. It tends to work like a little ball bearing being shot through paper. It makes tiny holes in the gut lining and thus compromises gut health and function. Also the amount of protein you get is not worth the amount of calories/insulin/inflammation or gut damage. here is a link to a quick response to a similar question to Prof Loren Cordain and his response. It is the second question down http://thepaleodiet.blogspot.com/2009/12/paleo-diet-q-5-december-2009.html