Monday, November 1, 2010

15 min AMRAP
100 jumpropes
1 lay down stand up

each round increase LDSU by 1
count total rounds done

rules for LDSU
lay down on your back anyway you want and stand up
only do not is DO NOT CROSS FEET!


  1. 10 total rounds plus 100 jumps and 8 of the last LDSU (11 oh so close)

    whew rounds 3 - 5 were the hardest. My guess is that my body was switching fueling systems and it did so clumsily but it doesnt matter really. those 3 rrounds were very interesting in the sense that I would lose all coordination and screw up the jumps. Then rounds 6 - 10 and 3/4 went unbroken

    have fun with this one.

  2. if you can not jump rope do 50 jumping jacks

  3. 10 complete rounds - - FUN! interestingly my single jumps SUCK... double unders aren't fast but technique is looking & feeling really good these days compared to single jumps which feel lethargic! i like how one does not necessarily crossover to the other and each is a skill unto itself!!!

    BTW, Adam forgot to mention he did it barefoot & on cement!!... pretty fierce Ticknor!!!