Thursday, April 8, 2010

tues, 13 april 2010

20 high swings w/ kettlebell 1/4 BW
5 pull ups

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 20 mins.
post rounds/time to comments

if you cannot do pull ups substitute with A-Frame Pushups:
from down dog position bring nose to ground and push back up


  1. 19:52 9 complete rounds w/ 25lbs kb 20 high swings each round. Pullups: first round 5 regular pull ups, after that scaled to 10 jumping pull ups chin above bar; last round attempted 5 regular pull ups only 2 good ones w/ chin above bar. YOWZA! looking forward to a day off tomorrow!!

  2. 13 complete rounds + 11 high swings (26 lb kb)
    stopped right on 20:00.

    i mixed regular pullups, kipping pullups and jumping pullups.
    have a nasty blood blister from that kettle bell. got kinda tough at the end.

  3. I was a freak'n turtle on this one! Didn't have much motivation. I did 7rounds in 20 mins.
    25lb KB 20 high swings all rounds, and the push-ups.

  4. 11 rounds using 1/4 body weight kb and doing the A-frame push-ups.

    I got no idea what a little fat boy is doing courting that much pain. Luckily, the pain part is soon forgotten.

    Afterwards, it sure made carrying my stuff in from the car feel a whole lot easier.

  5. Either 14 or 13 rounds, lost count, with 26lb KB but did A-frame push ups that I suspect went from A to ... only slightly ass-in-air regular push ups.

    Can anyone clarify Q on high swings if the KB is supposed to go ultra vertical almost straight above, or is it more about speed so it's ok if it's not as high as that?

  6. sounds to me like you're gettin' it in Daryl and that's HOT!!... glad the pain is soon forgotten cause it's SCORCHED in my brain!!! ;-)

    btw, can y'all tell i'm loving the virtual workout fam/crew! it's actually making me less of a slacker which is a lot for a self-proclaimed hedonist that only wants things to feel good! (Vik and/or Thad it'd be awesome if you chimed in every once in a while so that i had some actual real-life friends on here too!... oops! am i calling you out?! hehehehe! my bad!)