Thursday, April 8, 2010

mon 12 april 2010

30 cleans w/kettlebell 1/4 BW
30 burpees
30 laydown stand ups

7 rounds

scale as needed
post time to comments

*BW= body weight


  1. 28:40 30lbs kettlebell / 5 rounds total; 20 cleans ea. side first round after that scaled down further to 15 cleans ea. side (burpees & laydown stand ups remained same at 30 ea) Whoa!! this was a doozie! even scaled down and reduced rounds took me forever!!!

  2. 21:42 26lb kb/4 rounds total.
    i did 15 cleans each side for all rounds.
    maintaining the spirit that adam likes to have a cutoff time for workouts, i kept it as close to 20 minutes with complete rounds.
    that was pretty exhausting and my form on my cleans sucked ass by the last round.

  3. Quit at 38:30 with three rounds done. Felt like I was moving through mud the whole time.

  4. Ooh My God! What were you thinking when you made up this workout!

    I did 5rounds in 32 mins and body wouldn't do any more after that.
    Broke it down as follows:
    1round 35kb-
    2rounds 25kb
    2rounds 25kb
    5each side/10/10