Thursday, April 8, 2010

mon 10 may 2010

400 m run
15 over head squats w/ olympic bar 1/2 BW

5 rounds total

post time/weight to comments
scale as needed

*overhead squat w/olympic bar demo:


  1. 17:18
    400 m row
    45# overhead squat
    My back really hurt yesterday after all those deadlifts Sunday. Still did this workout this am, but did it light, hoping not to aggravate it more. Frustrating...not sure if I'm helping or hurting myself by doing these workouts. Comments/suggestions?

  2. ...did i mention how much i HATE running?? ;-)

  3. 16:32 I took five days off because my legs were just refusing to hop, skip, run, jump, lift or in any meaningful participate in another workout until today. I used 1/4 body weight, just the bar, hoping to improve my range of motion, and by the last two sets, I did have the bar behind my head and over my heels, though my squats still leave plenty of room for improvement but it is improving.

  4. 20 mins. 95lbs.