Friday, July 13, 2012

While in LA there have been a number of people that want to start training so we are going to do a mesocycle for beginners and do a few quick tip guides to understanding health and wellness.

These are the rules the training is based on an 8 day cycle for 5 cycles. 2 on and 2 off. The first 2 work days are going to be a little higher in volume and lower percentage of max load. The second 2 days are lower volume but higher load.

For beginners you will have either 1 or 2 lifts per day, this means that you will pick from the list below and . For intermediate to adv. you will have 2 lifts and a metcon.

Sp pick lifts that use lots of trunk integration. Here is a list of lifts to pick from.
  • Dead lifts = Dead
  • Cleans
    • Power
    • Olympic
    • Hang
    • Hang Power
  • Press
    • Strict = SP
    • Push Jerk = PJ
    • Push Press = PP
    • Bench = BP
  • Squat
    • Back squat = BS
    • Front squat = FS
    • Overhead = OHS
  • Snatch Grip High Pull (dont do the sumo and this is only if you can not do a clean.)
We will do complimentary ones on the same day. Example I will do Dead lifts (deads) and Cleans on the same day, day odds. Day evens will be Strict Press (SP) and Overhead Squat (OHS)

Don't do curls or leg extension type crap. Pick up something heavy that the trunk has to load.
Find your max with those movements, and it is okay if the max is ugly. Do ones and twos as you move up in weight. Take time between the sets. Record your maxes and then make chart that shows you your percentage in max @
  • 60%
  • 65%
  • 75%
  • 85%
  • 90%  
 Okay so a basic week and week one, if you are a beginner only do one lift a day. You can attempt one metcon a cycle but do it on a second the even days.
Day 1
Dead and Clean @ 75% of max 5 rounds of 5 (5x5) for deads and 5rounds of 3 (5x3) for cleans. Each round has a break of at least 3 minutes. I dont care if the breaks are 30 min in between each but they need to be at least 3 min. 

Metcon for adv/Interm
3/4 bodyweight carry 20 yd down and back total of 40yd with 1 rope climb on a 15' rope. 5 rounds under 3 min. If you fail to get the rounds done you have 5 rope climbs and 100 double unders

day 2
SP strict press and OHS Overhead squat 5x5 for each (5 rounds of 5) with a min of 3 min between rounds at 75% of max

with 1/4 bodyweight kettlebell
25 swings
50 double unders (DU, which is a jumprope with 2 turns for every jump.) If you can't do a DU then you have 100 regular jumps.
5 c2g Push ups (chest to ground, it is more important to do chest to ground then on you toes.)
3 min
wait 3 min repeat

day 3
foam roll and handstand roll downs
kossacks and pistol practice

day 5
Deads and Cleans 1 rep 5-7 x @ 90% of your max minimum of 5 min between rounds

1/2 bw kettlebell swing KBS x 7
Pullups x 5
Handstand wall walk ups x 3
2 rounds for time wait at least 5 min and repeat 2x

Day 6
SP and OHS 1 x 5 to 7 rounds @ 90% max

Sprint 20 yd OH carry what you OHS back (your break is the lazy walk back to the sprint start.

Day 7
Lever pull or one hand one arm pushup practice

Day 8
some mobility practice and back bend practice
if you can get into a comfortable back bend walk fwd and back in it. Like a bear crawl but in a back bend

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  1. I ended up missing the metcon yesterday so I did days 1&2's today after the lifting
    deads @265 x 5 for 5 rounds
    olyimpic cleans @ 175 x 2 for 6 rounds

    day 2
    sp @ 135 x 5 5 rounds
    OHS @ 145 x 5 5 rounds

    metcon 1
    got it done right at the 3 min mark. I cam in at 2:59
    100# kb and a 53# kb and 25 yd per length so 50 total...eeesh that one got me

    metcon 2 an hour later
    1. 2 full rounds with 53# kb on the 3 min mark
    2. 2 full+2 kbs