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Low down on Health and Wellness.
The links I put in here are quick and many wont get overly specific. They are simplified but they give you a quick overview. The rabbit hole gets deep and quickly.
It comes down to 2 things
  1. Stress rest and Recovery (SRR)
  2. Nutrition
All the problems that are associated with being unhealthy can be affected by both of these. They just happen by different mechanisms. With this said, you need to get them both tied up tight so you can keep your health and wellness. This also allows for a nutrition or other lifestyle choice to be slightly compromised every now and then and you probably won't fall into dysfunction. You may still have a little funkiness happen but not enough to fall apart and it is much easier to recover from.

What being on top of these two things (SRR and Nutrition) accomplish.

  • Protection of the Gut.
  • Glucose Control
  • Control of Inflammation.

Compromised gut lining has been directly correlated to every disease that has been tested for it. This number is in the hundreds. This is everything from cancers and Alzheimer's to Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia. If you have a disease or dysfunction you can probably find a medical paper that has shown a DIRECT link to compromised gut lining. (here is a way to find any medical publication/paper you could want. )There are 100s of blog posts on goofy gut linings but the key is eat well and lower stress. So, what does eating well mean.

  1. Meat
  2. Fruits, Veggies
  3. High Quality Fat
Eat like this and you will get better. Now, if you are severely compromised then there may be a specific way to introduce meat fruit and veggies but this is the path to a happy gut.

The gut houses most of your immune system. If you screw it up then you are going to destroy your immune function.

I like the way robb wolf has presented nutrition but another view that is similar and effective is the GAPS method.

Glucose Control.
Glucose is the primary fuel of the body. It is also toxic! Gasoline is awesome for running your car but you put it into the tank. If you just poured it into the seats or floorboard what would happen? Yeah you would ruin your car! Same happens with the body if glucose isn’t stored it screws up a bunch of stuff.
Glucose can be stored in 4 places
  1. Brain, which uses 50% of available glucose.
  2. Muscles
  3. Liver
    1. The muscles and liver store it as a sugary starch called glycogen. Glycogen is a “holy shit I am in a fight with a tiger fuel system”
  4. Fat
The stuff that tells glucose to get into the cells, is insulin. (Insulin also tells cells to take in amino acids, or the building blocks of the body.) If insulin is always running around yelling at the cells to take in glucose the cells stop listening. Think a parent, partner, boss or teacher that is always yelling. Eventually you tune them out. This happens on a cellular level. A couple of problems that happen with insulin resistance is that glucose gets a chance to run around and damage tissue, then the body has to increase the amount of insulin so the body will listen. This means that the body has to scream more loudly. The current medical model is once the body has reached its max insulin production and can keep up with the demands of trying to clear excess glucose from the blood stream is to add insulin from an outside source. A compromised individual begins to supplement with insulin. (If a cell is not bringing in fuel or building blocks the cell is starving. This means that a person can be eating enough calories but still starving on a cellular level.)
A more holistic and kinder way for the body to begin to work properly is to put things in your mouth that don't require as much insulin, that are not as hard to process and put away. (Meat, fruits, Veggies and high quality fats.)

We need Inflammation but we need it in a localized fashion. There are 3 types of inflammation.
  1. Acute
  2. Chronic
  3. Systemic
Acute and Chronic are okay. These are for healing some damage to the system. Quick concepts to describe them:
Acute is a road system team that comes in and does a small project, like filling a pothole or a small 3 day repair to a section of street. This slows traffic but not enough to really make anyone late.
Chronic is the rebuilding of a street or building new lanes along a current thoroughfare. It slows traffic and will do so for sometime. This is significant and needs time but if given all the building blocks and workers it will not only be done well it will allow for better travel and smoother transit once it is completed.

Systemic is the problem. Imagine all the roads getting worked on at the same time. This is what happens when the swelling stuff goes from localized where the problem is everywhere. This is not GOOD for the body. Everything gets tired gets assaulted and your body cant keep up with all of the nutrient demands, partitioning and clearing all the garbage out of the way and everything begins to swell. This causes the immune system to overwork.

Food stresses the body by putting stuff into your system that wears away at the gut lining, causes the immune system to go into overdrive and/or spikes your insulin dramatically, quickly and often.
Food that supports health and wellness doesn't do the above. It gives you all the raw materials that you need to make healthy new cells, fuel the ones that need fuel and clean up the ones that are supposed to die.
Stress comes in two flavors. Hormetic and non-hormetic. Hormesis is the idea that it is just enough stress to cause a positive adaptation.
Non hormetic stress, shuts down digestion, reproduction, repair and any long term projects that the body may need performed. Stress also eats away at the end of your dna strands making it easier for the dna strands to unravel and potentially screw up during replication. Stress can also cause Gene expression of stuff you don’t want to express much sooner that it would normally. If you are genetically predisposed to a certain disease or dysfunction non horemtic stress will speed up that expression.

So control your stress
Eat well
Live better longer and with more playfulness.

Two great books or people to get deeper in a controlled way is Robb Wolf, The Paleo Solution, and Robert Sapolsky, “Why Don't Zebras Get Ulcers”.

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