Thursday, June 28, 2012

2 days ago then 2 days off then today's workout

2 days ago

both @75% of max 5x and spread the sets out over the day like grease the groove concepts

25x doubleunders
10x 1/2 bw kb swings
AMRAP 3 min
wait 3 min repeat

Deads & Cleans
7 x 1 @ 90 - 95% of max
spread each rep out over the day like GTG

metcon with 10% bw weight vest
3x 1 leg broad jump burpees
7x c2g pushups
5 x body rows
then do the other leg. 5 rounds each round starts on the odd minute so if you are not through at minute 3 with both sides then stop what you are doing and start the next round

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