Saturday, March 17, 2012

standing barbell upright row
75% x 5
85% x 3
95% x 1

part 2
1K double unders of max in 20 min
If you cant do 5 consecutive double unders then do 10 min practice of them with no more than a minute off between tries and do 10 min max burpees

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  1. 125

    part 2

    825 double unders in 20:01
    whew this was hard, however I think if I would have gamed it more I could have probably done a better job. Say if I did them in increments of 25 and took 10 seconds off after each 25. That would have probably put just under the wire but adequate rest. The balls out then break a little and repeat didnt quite pull it off. However what a cool feeling.