Tuesday, February 7, 2012

75% of your max x 5
85% max x 3
95% x 1

25x double unders
5x wide leg back squat
20 yd crab crawl

do the metcon with a weight vest with 10% of your bodyweight. The total weight of backsquats is the weightvest plus squat should = your bodyweight. If you dont have a weightvest do the squats at bodyweight.

scale as necessary

5 rounds or AMRAP 10 min which ever nets more rounds

1 comment:

  1. whew I am surprised by this one

    1. 140#
    2. 160#
    3. 175#

    20# weight vest
    5 rounds 12:32

    wow that one was harder than I had expected. That weight vest on the squats more than anything threw for me a loop. The load changed my squat pattern. Cool.