Thursday, January 20, 2011

on the minute every minute for 10 minutes

5 dead lifts at 85% of max 10 burpees chest to ground

if you dont complete a round that is a penalty and you have 50 double unders , of you cant do double unders you have 150 single jumpropes, per penalty (sacrifice a few pigs to the fitness gods and pray they enjoy the scent that you dont have more than one penalty)

Regardless of you finishing the round at the begining of the minute you have to start with deads. Meaning you are on #7 burpee and minute is up start deads and consider that a penalty

ps the gods like pigs that are Paleo


  1. max DL is 200# did 5 at 170# (85%) and immediately realized that was not going to last for 10 rounds. started over at 75% max:

    5-150# DL : 10 burpees
    8 rounds completed
    died at round 9 with only 3 DL and even after that minute could not complete round 10. so 2 penalties taken & 100 double unders (from hell after that workout!) done.

    this was almost as fun as the snow work out!! hahahaha!!

  2. p.s. average time rounds completed 37-40 sec. maybe if i'd slowed down to 50 sec i could have lasted thru entire 10 rounds but i doubt it!!! sheesh!

  3. this one wasHARD......who comes up with this crap...oh yeah