Monday, November 8, 2010

overhead walking lunges 1/2 bodyweight 100x

scale to what you can
arms need to stay locked out
keep the weight directly overhead
put the weight down as often as you need.
Your knee touches the ground each time
Make sure that you really press through that lead heel


  1. 95# 7 min 50 sec. whew nasty in such a lovely way

    today one male client 65# 10 min

    yesterday 2 female clients beginner modified with 60 lunges broken up with a 40 yd jog every 10 lunges 20#

  2. 8:40 holding 45# plate overhead. Done yesterday. Complimented previous day's thruster workout nicely; feel good today!

  3. Oooo good one, I'll test this out tomorrow.