Thursday, November 11, 2010

strict press (as much weight as you can manage all reps )
weighted pullups and dips (use 15% bodyweight or less)
3 x 5 of each

scale appropriately
wear your weight vest the whole time (if you dont have a weight vest place a dumbell between your thighs above the knees and hold legs together and bend the knees)

If you want some bulk all the movements should end up at failure
If you just want strength make sure you can always do 2 more


  1. okay, you tell me what I can't eat, which seems to be everything. You know Steve is basically vegetarian and eats mostly pasta, rice...Meat causes him digestive troubles. What can he/we eat?

  2. diane
    it causes him digestive troubles for the first 30 days and it will do so forever unless it is grass fed. I will call you later to day and talk to you about it.
    However if you eat Meat (grass fed) and fruits/ veggies, fat from olive oil, coconut products and avacados then you will see huge improvements all the way around.

    Also while he is transitioning he would need a digestive enzyme (now food super enzyme) and I will explain that later also and maybe a tad bit of magnesium before bed.

    We see an ENORMOUS amount of pyhsical mental and emotional recovery from Paleo nutrition and sleep.
    These two are actually more important than working out for being healthy.