Monday, October 4, 2010

Lynn and grains

For Lynn

This is going to be a down and dirty version of why. However, it gets complicated quickly so I am not going to screw around for too long with anyone topic because people will fall asleep or send me some sort of hate mail. (Which actually doesn’t bother me and it helps prop up the postal system so, it may get a little geeky.) The best book to read on the subject that will shut down any questions is written by the caped nutrition crusader, Robb Wolf. The Paleo Solution and he has a free podcast “The Paleolithic Solution”.

Protein 1.

Now you can get protein from some grains, beans, nuts, rices etc. However all of those sources are gut irritants. They destroy your intestinal flora. Once your gut lining is compromised then whole stuff (things that are not broken down) get through the gut lining. If the stuff getting through is food particles the body doesn’t know what to do with it. So it attacks it and surrounds it with mucus. This creates a bunch of stuff in your body that the body doesn’t have time to deal with. If it is bacteria, microbes, overall no gooders you immune system is trying to beat up on that too. So, the immune system is WAY overworked.

All, Grains, Rices, Breads, Pastas, Beans tap dance on the flora. So you may be able to get a complete protein but at what cost. Every single autoimmune disorder and disease of “civilization” is grain and sugar related. If you have to cook or soak it to eat it, it is surrounded by a poison, (Phythate) this poison is the gut killer. The next problem is that the Grain, Bread etc turns to sugar really quickly. If you spike you insulin or over do the “sugar” you will make yourself insulin resistant and setup all the disease we mentioned earlier.

Protein 2.

If it fly’s runs or swims I consider it protein.

Carbohydrate Technically if it grows and doesn’t fall under the Protein 2 description it is a carb. This is grass wood pulp, broccoli strawberries etc.

However, I make the distinction as fruits and vegetables. The other stuff (grain, rice) turns to sugar to quickly and doesn’t come with enough nutrients to offset the damage. In many cases it comes with something called an anti-nutrient. This means that to process it the body has to use reserve resources to handle it.

Fruits and Vegetables


Fat has the more calories per gram then the other 2 macrobiotics. (Protein, Carb)

It is also metabolically neutral so it cannot make you fat. Fat doesn’t spike insulin. If you have crazy high insulin levels then it may store it but FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT! HIGH INSULIN LEVELS MAKE YOU FAT!

You get 4 calories for each gram of protein and carbohydrate. You get 9 calories for each gram of fat.


Red meat gives you more Branch Chain Amino Acids then anything else that you can eat. No need to combine foods to try and get the balance correct, plus you don’t screw up your gut or mess up your insulin sensitivity.

Satiety signals

Your body is told it is full by the type of food you put into it and sleep.

In order of hormones and chemicals that tell your body that you are full from eating.

First, are the dense forms of Protein and that is by a LONGSHOT, It isn’t even close. Dense protein, (swims, runs, or fly’s) releases a bunch of stuff that says I am full.

On the flip side agricultural based proteins release stuff that says you need more food. This means that by eating agricultural based diets will screw up your guts, spike your insulin and feel like you want to eat more. (People that eat ag. diets eat more calories)

In short the goal to look feel and perform better is eat Meat fruits and vegetables, sleep and find a good functional training program. The training is the last key. If you do not fix the first 2 you will not look feel or perform as well as you potential would allow.

In super short "Damn the grains, Damn them to hell!"


  1. I forgot to answer the question about the rice flours. They are also satan.

  2. what about nuts?please leave me some hope!
    As I was reading thru my book I noticed that it does hint that those were irritants but if you were not looking for it you would not make the connection. Is the Paleo diet book contain the same info as the one you listed above?

  3. the rule for them and eat them. Not shell a bag of them and eat them but eat them as you shell them. also remember peanuts are not nuts.

  4. Ok, so with Paleo you should be eating protein every time you eat, right? This has turned out to be a challenge for me, because sometimes I just really don't want anymore meat.

    And when you say that you do dairy, do say, just drink skim milk?

    I'm on day five of absolutely strict paleo and I felt awful for the first three, but yesterday and today I feel incredible.

  5. And I should have specified, by every time you eat, I meant even with snacks.

  6. Kati
    You dont need protein during snacks if you are having fruits or something
    Protein has more "I am full" chemicals etc so you are actually full. As far as dairy if you have it ensure that it is grass fed and raw. If not you are asking for a gut ass whoopin. Also dont DONT have skim milk. THe stuff they do to it would anger you. If you want skim pour some whole raw milk and add water.
    The first 3 days of awful is actually a surprise most people feel crappy for 2 weeks when going strict so yeeeha.

  7. Adam,What do you think about supplementing with Whey protein?

  8. I've had a hell of a time finding anything grass fed here. Meat or dairy. I guess I can wait on dairy until I'm in Austin in nine weeks. As far as the meat goes, I can at least buy organic, but it's all "vegetarian fed" which means grain fed. Ugh. The butcher told me that a new grocery store was supposed to open next week that should carry grass fed, so I'll try to find out more on that angle.

    More good news! I got in touch with a RKC Team Leader here in Lubbock who I'm all set to train with starting Thursday. I'm really excited. My mother has diabetes, my cousins are all obese, and I want to stop it now. Beyond healthy, I want to be fit and strong. Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction and for continuing to answer questions!

  9. Mandy
    everytime and every type of protein supplement has failed in comparrison to raw whole milk. So has regular food. I dont have a problem with really high grade whey but why not just drink milk, or eat food

    stay with it and dont get hooked on the RKC being the end all be all. They are awesome but only a piece of the pie. Get good at it understand it then find the next part.

    Good job ladies

  10. I'm about to start this in the next couple weeks. I drink a lot of green tea, not primarily for the taste, but for the antioxidants. Research online seems to indicate that it is considered an antinutrient. Thoughts?

    And also when you say "raw" milk are you referring to unpasteurized? That's what my Mom drinks. Would it be a better option to drink almond milk?


  11. Oh, and I forgot to ask about eggs also. Thanks Adam.

  12. Burton
    Leafy green vegtables and fruit have plenty of antioxidants. To supplement them doesnt always maen benefit. It is the idea that too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

    Raw milk is the business. (If your gut lining is healthy) Raw milk is also whole and unpasturized. I dont drink almond milk but I dont have anything against it. If I want milk I have milk. The other thing for me is that by soaking the almonds some of the stuff that makes it hard on the guts is washed off. That would infer (I dont know this for a fact ) that that would be in the stuff you pour off the almonds to drink as almond milk. SO I think there is a gut irritant in the almond milk.

    If they are free range (not gvt free range which means that they can move all their limbs but actually running around in a field) they are okay. Secondly if they are flax fed they are better. Flax seed is a short chain Omega 3 (antinflamatory fat) and our liver will take that and make it a long one so we can use it. A long chain is a like a fish oil omega 3. If we feed a chicken flax their liver does the work for us.
    You can see some of this nutrition stuff in the nutrition post towards the beginning of the blog.

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  14. Great stuff! Thanks so much for posting all of that.
    I have a couple friends who have high cholesterol. When I mentioned the idea of cutting the pastas, grains, etc. and adding more meat, they responded by telling me that they had to eat less meat and more pastas and crap in order to lower their cholesterol. I know very little about cholesterol except the basics (HDL good, LDL bad). Any truth to their thoughts? Anything I should tell them contrary to their ideas?
    Thanks in advance!

  15. Clifford- the problem is that saturated fats are transported directly to the hepatic vein by way of the lymph because they are to large to pass into the blood stream with water smaller particles like carbohydrates. The hepatic vein is right by the heart and if not used or burned off they accumulate in the heart and vessels because they have not been broken down yet into smaller particles before being filtered in the liver and distributed. If you choose lean cuts of meat and also meat that is fed Flax it changes it. A good place to get it if you don't have it local is They will ship it to you.
    The carb diet will decrease it but deceptively you will still have that build up in there that is why you see people who are seemingly healthy and in shape getting triple by pass.
    I may be wrong about some of this since i am just learning but as I understand it this is how this works.

  16. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks so much for that info. I really appreciate it and will pass it on to my friends.