Monday, October 4, 2010

5 rounds

10 kb swings
5 burpees
run 800
under 2:30

take a 3 minute break between rounds

every round you dont complete under 2:30 you have 5 swings and 5 burpees
If the first one is truly an all out effort and it takes you more than 3 min then shorten the run


  1. Comment for you that may be of interest to others re workout + FOOD + RECOVERY: yesterday I made up my own workout cause hadn't seen this post. 20 x 44lb KB swings, 20x jumping pull ups, one leg bear crawls in sand pit, 200 M run, and 10x thrusters with 44lb. About 4 x.

    It took some time to recover after so I knew I'd worked fairly hard, though at the time didn't feel was pushing it v hard. I got really busy and didn't eat soon after (shocker). It was about 90 mins later when I ate a huge chicken breast. A couple of hours later I felt my mood plummet, as if my body was depressed. No biggie but felt very chemical. I let myself sleep a LOT to recover. Still felt a kind of body blues today.

    Anyway - maybeI threw sacrum out, but that combo of needing to eat soon after AND SLEEP becomes very clear when you start hucking heavy weights around. Any comments...?

    Thought new readers might appreciate this info from the trenches, as I know you have mentioned it about 20 times on the blog already - restore glycogen within 30 mins and also SLEEP ... body is literally building itself anew. In all my years of lame-ass gym "workouts" I never knew any of this and i stayed the same skinny slightly bummed out person for years. ha.

  2. Amely thanks for reminding everyone YOU NEED TO EAT 30 min after working out. Unless you are training for special operations schools and if you are then contact me and we can set up a training protocol

    you had too much going on in the workout. One of the major muscle group FROM needed to be pulled out. Either thrusters, swings, jumping pulls. It changes the dynamic of the workout. Unless you want to work that specific metabolic engine. However with what you have going on you need shorter duration days and HEAVY days. The longer stuff you need to wait on.

  3. That is helpful. It is my whole mental thing that "more must be more" but actually a shorter workout done faster and with more finesse would probably be more challenging. I seriously felt depressed and about to cry last night after it, like I pulled from reserves I didn't have yet. Good to know. Thanks!