Thursday, September 30, 2010

Grrrrr Free Health Care
This is more a talking point just cause I am grumpy about it and don't have time to a whole piece on Free Health Care.
I hate the idea of giving people who don't take care of themselves free health care.
I hate the idea that we have trained our population to eat VERY poorly and see all the diseases that are caused by them increase each year and then give them free heath care.
I think that if Health Care is given away the person receiving the Care should be at least 80% Paleo and have a fitness program. If not screw 'em.

So feel free to rip this up and or put in your own two cents. Post to comments


  1. I agree and I think that there is a provision in the bill that says that if you don't meet certain standards that you will have to pay a fee. The thing is that this health care is not free the government is making you buy it, that is why all these states are in a law suit right now with the government.

  2. I hate the idea of the government getting involved in health care period. The government sets the standard for our level of physical activity and nutritional habits in public school across the nation. They built the boat with a hole in it to start with and now they want you to pay for the pump to keep it afloat.

  3. Also Adam a question about the section you did on Legumes. When paired with rice I know that they provide the amino acids required like protein from animals so are you saying that the nutrients in the legumes and rice is not the problem but the body's response to them? I have gluten sensitivity so I have used rice flour, garbanzo bean flour ect. when baking and also use brown rice with meals does the brown rice cause the same reaction as wheat would?

  4. I agree with your premise. Why give the guy who picked up smoking, well after we all knew it would kill you, free health care? At what point are we going to hold people personally responsible for their decisions?

    I'm all for the freedom to do (nearly) whatever you want, but that comes with a price of paying the consequences. Instead of wasting money on bloated healthcare bills, why not give incentives for people to get back in shape.

  5. My insurance company gave me a $100 rebate since I've had a gym membership for over a year and have a clean bill of health.

    I am with you, if you want free health care you should meet healthy guidelines.

  6. Actually-that is great idea. You are correct and I absolutley agree with your thought process! Healthcare education is only way to save lives. The current system is a racket. It is unfortunate that peoples life come down to the almighty dollar! But it does! Quit frankly- the medicine and care provided could be easily reduced and or eliminated if people had better eating habits and or with physical activity. But-being unhealthy is big business. It would be more cost effective for everyone to give incentives to the people who are actually healthy. Businesses and social systems would gain more of a benefit, less people missing from work, less overhead (insurance claims) etc. Anyone with children knows you reward behavior you want-good or bad! Giving free health care to unhealthy people is just throwing good money after bad...there needs to be a better system in place. Such as a cost associated with unhealthy habits, as they are educated and start meeting there health goals rates are reduced and eliminated altogether, if desired. I will now get down off my soap box!

  7. i think you guys are onto something, but perhaps we need to consider some other options... i think all babies should have a microchip implanted in them at birth so they automatically implode if they reach 250 pounds. i think everyone who drives to work should have their legs cut off and be forced to commute on a unicycle using only their arms to pedal. lastly, i think we should round up all fat people, harvest the lean cuts of meat, and use the excess to fertilize vegetable gardens.

  8. Eating paleo is relatively expensive, sad as that is, in modern society. Most people suffering from "first world diseases" do so because of their horrible diets, however they can't afford to eat clean all the time. It's much cheaper to eat processed meats, refined sugars, canned fruits and veggies than the real, fresh things. Especially if we're talking organic-only fruit and veg and grass-fed protein only.

    Yeah, these people could grow their own veg and some fruit but then the question is one of space, and since much of the obesity in this country is found in urban areas it might be difficult to allocate enough land or plots for gardens or whatever.

    I suppose people in rural or suburban environs (and obesity is of course an issue in rural communities as well, especially in the south and midwest) have less of an excuse. I think the sedentary lifestyle of our society is more easily righted. Who doesn't have 30 minutes a day for some physical activity?

    hey loved your work on The Colony btw, I'd kill to see the whole thing from your point of view scurrying around in the bushes and whatnot. Did you nail the model or what?

  9. Lynn
    I am super busy but I wlll do a post to your specific questions they will be fun to she some light on

    You ar eright it is more expensive and not sustainable for the masses but even if you offered free healthcare for eating paleo poeple would choose McDonalds.
    secondly I think, this is a stretch I know, but in the major cities if we farmed the tops of buildings we would have ALOT more space.
    ALso if we look at something like the Hawaiian fish ponds, which before we decided to steal there islands and imprison their queen, were producing 1 million pounds of healthy fish a year we would be better off. These fish were healthy and required very little work for the investment of resources.
    SO I think that there are solutions just not how people want.
    Currently I agree with you there is no way to make clean eating sustainable for the masses. But at the same time neither is freee health care.
    Now I am okay with free catastrophic stuff, car wreck gunshot, hit by a bus, sure make that free. The rest make us pay

  10. Thank you Adam I will be anxious to read about it because in nutrition class ( I am going to school to be a nurse) they preach about grains and legumes. That you should have them with almost every meal.

  11. I agree but you are forgetting that money is the root of all evil and this is no exception. Free isn't really free, we are still paying for it - but paying for everyone's - not just our own. A lot of people don't have care or get it in part to their employer. Instead - force an entire country to pay. Then there is the power. How easy is it to control and medicate people when they are all on the same care with no other options. How easy is it to vaccinate them or tell them they are crazy and put them on medicines that will dumb them down.

    Then for the part of eating right - our govt tries to pass laws to prevent natural cures and organic foods from being sold. Some may know Monsanto is trying to OWN all the seeds. AKA put a patent on it so that no one can have seeds but them by law. Also they are trying to charge people for growing their own food, trying to make it illegal. Why"? because they can't make money off of it. Everything is about two things. Money and power.

    Really can't blame anyone else but our own people - we don't have to take it. We don't have to keep places alive like Mcdonalds and Burger Kings but we DO.