Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3 hand stand Pushups (scale to your needs)
4 burpees chest to ground
10 double unders
AMRAP 15 min (As Many Rounds As Possible)

wait 5 min max pullups


  1. Thanks for posting your workouts. I've started following them and doing them...this morning was sprints/lazy walk. I need a kettle ball.

    Enjoyed your appearance on Colony. I was getting frustrated with the lack of survival skills. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on all of it.

  2. I want to thank you for making sense. I am a 22 year old woman who has never been fit or strong, but I've only gone to big box gyms or had trainers who've told me to only lift a three pound weight. How will that help with anything?

    I'm starting on the paleo diet and I'll be following the workouts too, scaled way down at first. Thanks for highlighting the fact that women should be strong. I'll post updates.

    Would you recommend that I find a crossfit trainer to help at first?

  3. Kati
    That depends on where you are. Only about 10% of crossfit trainers are good. Those 10% are very good. Also crossfit, overtrains. DO NOT do the 3 on 1 off. Dont do an hour at a time and dont always do METCON. The workouts on the blog are designed to make you fit but not world class. That has to be done more specifically.
    Back to the question, give me an idea of where you are and I can help you find someone. If that isnt the case id say work with and RKC person 6 weeks, An oly or power lifting person for 6 weeks and a crossfit person for 4 weeks. Then follow a site that offers programming like this. Then you will have the skills to comfortably do whatever we ask.

  4. I'm currently in Lubbock, TX but I'll be in Austin permanently this January. I think I will just follow your blog and focus on the diet for now. I just worry about my form and balance because I am so out of shape.

  5. adam, where can i find correct form videos/examples of the exercises that you list here. Also the workout listed above doesn't seem to take much time should I be running with this also? I swim also and bike ocassionally.