Monday, October 11, 2010

a lot of people that squirm and justify is making me grumpy... I have put on my preachy, soap box, grumpy pants.
Ok I am tired about the people who keep “trying” and the people that say they want to do it and don’t. (I think 6 weeks is a solid amount of time to begin to try and fail before being 30 days of compliance. After 6 weeks go sit in a hole and leave me alone!)
I don’t care about looking good! I care about being healthy. By thinking this way the looking good shows up. I have a number of clients who think that during their healing phase it is okay to cheat a little. I don’t have a problem with a healthy person having a piece of bread or pizza randomly but until everything is working properly DON’T DO IT! If you are just transitioning to a Paleo lifestyle don’t screw around. 30 days is nothing. 30 days is something that is doable. Quit justifying that small piece of cake, cookie, taste of pasta, ice cream, because you WILL NOT heal. If your gut lining is compromised putting the tiniest amount of crap into it will cause more damage. If your finger is broken and at week two you bend it the wrong way it is going to take longer to heal. If once a week you jam that finger it will take forever to heal. STOP HITTING YOUR FINGER!
Gluten, Gliden, Proline, Saponins, phythates and the like will tap dance on your gut lining. Sugar and ALL of the sweetener variants will compromise metabolic function and insulin sensitivity.
Lack of sleep will disturb gherlin as well as many other saitiety chemicals, metabolic function and the ability for the body to rehab itself.
I don’t care if you don’t know what half of these things are, because you don’t need to know the names. Just know that if you don’t follow the protocol you will take forever to heal if you ever do.
The idea is Sleep, 8-10 hours, Eat Paleo and heal.
Don’t do this and keep banging that finger.
Master yoda said, “Do or do not, there is no try!”
If you keep talking and don’t do, leave me alone. If you want to get healthy (and in turn look feel and perform better) I will help you.


  1. you are right. it is a total mental thing I am fighting my own brain and it is a tough battle but easily over come if I choose to do it. So I need to stop being a whinny bitch and as you said Just Do It! cause it would sure be nice not to have allergies all the time and feel sick all the time.

  2. It's interesting that after almost two weeks on paleo, I've stopped craving any breads or sweets. I want to eat a tomato. Plus there's that whole accountability thing (especially with posts like these). I will admit, I broke down once, my spouse pushed a grab bag of potato chips in front of me at lunch time because he was tired of my "grumpiness". I shared it with him and an hour later had stomach cramps so bad I could barely stand. Lesson learned. Did you warn me? Most definitely, would I have grabbed the chips on my own? No. But I still failed. I never will again, though. My body told me what it thought about that.

    I hope that didn't destroy what I'd already accomplished, and I don't feel as if it did. At any rate, I'm sure this wasn't meant as a confessional, but I'm damn proud of myself. This is a complete lifestyle 180 for me, and I've done a good job so far with getting enough sleep, eating right, walking and exercising. I've never felt this good.