Monday, October 11, 2010

single leg jumprope 25x
pistol 5x
burpee single leg chest to ground 5x

do all three movements on one side then do the other this = 1 round

5 rounds

Scaled: if you can not do a scaled pistol (holding on to something ) then do everything with 2 legs and substitute laydown stand ups for pistols

Pistol is a one legged squat heel stays down and ass gets to the round. It doesnt have to touch the ground but it has to get to a completely closed hip and knee joint. have fun


  1. Adam, what workout should we do on days you don't post?

  2. 10:34 okay, that was tough! and i was almost arrogant enough to try it wearing 7.5# in weight vest!!! HA! that would have been hellaciously funny by the last couple of rounds doing single leg chest to ground burpees!!!

  3. Lynn you should walk lazy about an hour. If you are just starting this type of training you shouldn't "train" more than 3 days a week.

  4. Adam I am just starting. I walk/jog everyday in the morning. and Swim 2-3x's a week both for 30 min. and then in the evening I have some exercises to rehabilitate my shoulders from my chiropractor.
    I had to modifiy the work out so that i could do it. When should i try to do the pistols without the chair for example? or does that just depend on the person. Thanks for all your help.