Wednesday, September 15, 2010

survival the begining

Survival 101

Everybody has their keys to survival and all of them can teach you how to survive. The absolute necessities for survival are simple not easy. They are mindset and skillset.


Mindset is the ability to notice the difference between discomfort and dangerous. An example, is being cold and sucking it up or being cold and risk damaging yourself. It is the ability to understand how and why to sacrifice something for something later that will make life overall easier. Example would be not to eat that small something you caught and use it to catch something larger. It is not listening to that voice in the back of your head that says this is too hard, stupid, or isn’t going to work so why do it? It is the ability to discern what is best for you and those that you are with then being able to create an action plan to make it happen.

I used to tell my Marines, “You don’t have to like it you just have to do it!”


There are so many survival, martial art, shooting, building, farming, ranching, mindset instructors out there it is silly. Find one you trust and learn that skill. Then learn the skill from someone else. Also, don’t hold on to it as the only way to do something. Learn to see what someone is offering and figure out what the core of it is, strip away the fluff and train that core concept.

Don’t just expect these skills to stay intact. Play with them and enjoy them. Find a friend who wants to try them challenge each other.

Lastly there is the idea of being a fat, lazy individual. It doesn’t work for a long life that you can enjoy. You need to take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for it to take care of you in a scary environment. It will fail you if you don’t take care of it, “it” is your mind, body and spirit.

This is the most important part of survival so before I start putting up tips to survival figure this out.

Have fun

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