Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3 rep max dead lift
100 jump ropes (if you can do double unders do 25)
5 pushups with feet elevated (obviously scale, if you cant do one pushup chest to ground then dont elevate the feet and put your knees down or do them with hands elevated. CHEST TO GROUND or it doesnt count)
5 rounds
go for a walk later or a 1600 m row

Barbara and Amely I think you are both traveling so do them with out dead lifts


  1. 6:43 185# deadlift reps; double unders; 12in elevation chest to ground push ups... max rep deadlifts with double unders is HARD... but nice breath work - - i like it!

  2. 10min
    300# first 2 rounds
    295 round 3
    290 rounds 4 and 5
    A little spinal deviation on the last one of each hence the weight drop
    also being at elevation is agghhhh