Sunday, September 12, 2010


swings 1/4 bodyweight and double unders to equal a funning count of 300

If you cant do double unders do a running count of 500 and do regular jumpropes

scale appropriately


  1. I don't have any of that equip here visiting NYC. But I did a workout on the industrial brooklyn waterfront, 45 mins combo of running and jumping off all the features / doing bodyweight/full range of motion sequences which was really fun. In that time I saw a man practicing with a paraglider on the grass (bizarre sight here); a foxy black woman in acid washed jeans doing topless 'glamour' photos on the bench in broad daylight, and supermodel Shalom Harlow with a rocker boyfriend. You gotta love Brooklyn.

    I also felt how eating a lot more protein + heavier weights done recently integrated into a whole new category of denser muscle. Body feels different to the touch.

  2. like your post Amely!

    9:39 45# kb & double unders...whew!! kelly & adam have semi-convinced me that i should be using 45#kb. this was waaay harder than doing it with my 25#kb and my time sucks!... as long as i don't get any bigger/more muscular i'm game to try. went for 50min walk w/ 20# in weight vest.

  3. 45# is the one that when I use it, I notice how dense and integrated I feel after. But I don't know about doing as many swings as are in this workout - I will try when I get home to my 'bells... Have you had a big change in muscularity/size on this regime? I am def trying to put on mass right now but still kind of at the beginning of it.

  4. i did the workout in a ratio of 15 swings:25double unders x7 rounds and 20 swings at end. it was a beast for me! if it wasn't integrated then i suppose what i was feelin would be called a "hot mess"!! ;-)

    as for size... well, i'm 5'2" with a naturally stocky, muscular build but a year ago i was 112 pounds (which i refer to as my "fighting weight" when i'm dancing). my "normal" is about 116 but in april/may, doing the workouts fairly intensely without slow sustained cardio (i love my daily 45-60 walks and swimming) i got up to 122. 10 pounds isn't a lot of weight but at 5'2" it was an increase of 2 dress sizes. but more so it was that i didn't like the "female crossfitter" look on me. i've since changed my program... now losing mass/weight (117# now), but actually increasing strength! deadlifted 200# last week, i couldn't believe it! in april pelvic floor so weak i was unable to lift 185#. i'm having fun with the journey though!

    you're already strong and from your posts it sounds like all you need is to be a bit more diligent about consistency and the mass you'd like to put on will follow (wish i had that "problem"!). and of course, like you've said, eating well.

    awesomeness!! be great to hear how it progresses for you!

  5. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like we need an offshoot blog to talk about training from women's perspectives. I am in NYC right now, my former hometown (for 8 yrs age 21-29) and it strikes me so much how THIN a lot of women are. Different from LA somehow because there is a 'fashion thin' that is a kind of norm here, combined with 'socialite thin.' (The word 'rail thin' must come from here.... or 'social Xray).

    That was definitely me for a long time too. (And I was freakin' depressed half the time. I didn't know how to feed myself). I try to share with some people here about the empowerment of getting strong, lifting heavy instead of yoga/pilates, but it doesn't seem to register...

    I do need to get on more consistent schedule and start to push a bit harder and use heavier weights. Hoping to get access to that equip soon. I am 5'9 and without the weights and eating more I can teeter around 115 which is just too thin, doesn't look or feel that good. Seeing/feeling denser curving muscles is exciting.

    But I see this whole picture from a holistic point of view - not just purely physical as in about what you eat and fitness. It's also about the spirit partly trying not to be as embodied as it could be. In India they'd call it being Vata--airy, spiritual, thin body types.Now at this stage of life I'm really trying to get earthier and dense, live more in my humanness and femininity. Sorry Adam - this is obviously for another blog site.....! But part of the convo for us women who are training I think. Personally I could geek out on this subject for hours..... thanks for the convo. Ciao!

  6. PS Deadlifting 200 - holy crapola. Very cool

  7. hmmm, well, i appreciate the conversation & think it's important. (like he says, folks that are sensitive to it can piss off! HA!) besides, stuff comes up even if we choose not to discuss it so may as well have it said... gets it out and on some level provides a necessary release. and as long as we don't get stuck in it & can keep it movin' = good stuff. like you i could gab on but probably not suited to Adam's blog!! heheh!!

    enjoy your stay in the city!!

    Adam, need a swim work out. thinking of modifying that running workout to the following (to do in less than 1hr or stop). give a heads up if not a good idea:
    swim 1200m ; 20-15-10 double unders & push ups
    swim 800m; 20-15-10 laydown stand ups & burpees
    swim 400m; mad deadlift & strict pull ups