Friday, September 17, 2010

20 15 10
double unders
high swings kb

5 min recovery

10 of ea 5 x


  1. first round 2:49 25# kb

    per your suggestion subbed 2nd round with: 5 ea. side lo windmills 45# kb; 5 ea. side hi windmills 25# kb; 3 ea. side combo windmills 45# kb in low position & 25# kb hi position x 2 sets total

    3 pistols ea. leg with 12.5# in weight vest
    800m swim

  2. This will make all the lurkers (ie, people reading the blog but not yet doing the workouts) feel reassured. Here are the non-superhero times:

    Round 1: 4.41 with 25# KB (my doubleunders include lots of tripping and single jumps in between, the most I can do in a row was 14)
    Round 2: 9.23 (!!) doing one legged lay down/stand ups using my hands.
    It was done at altitude after flying yesterday from sea level but regardless, could get a lot lot faster!

    Hey you new blog followers - are you going to start doing the workouts? Come on come on

  3. non-super hero my ass!! at altitude and post flight - - it's badass. own it! you deserve it!!

    and i agree - - new bloggers try it! FUN stuff!!

    btw, Vik... where r u??