Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 9


whatever your 2 rep max clean is with olympic weight

1 clean 2 legs
5 one legged dead lifts weak side
1 clean 2 legs
5 one legged deads strong side

7 rounds
followed by max pulups


  1. done as a 2nd workout of the day (#7 done as the first earlier in day)
    only able to complete 5 rounds; 80# olympic bar; 5 max pull ups at end.

    first 3 rounds not able to touch plates to ground on weak hip (left) side but by 4th & 5th rounds able to do so each lift. REALLY appreciated the value/benefits of this one -- revealed discrepancy and allowed for self modulation! Awesome!!

  2. this ish was ruff. did cleans at 155 barely. need to work on those. slammed the bar in my neck on round 6. 90lbs for deadlifts. was prob a lil too heavy. lost form last 2 rounds and my back got tighter than a virgin. needless to say, my bed never looked better last night. instant coma.

  3. hahahahahah!!! funny Vik! but sounds like the knee is better -- capoeira and this workout?! KILLER!! ...come do parkour! WAAAY fun & challenging (mentally and physically) and if you try pk i'll do capoeira (and you can laugh out loud to your hearts content!!)