Tuesday, April 6, 2010

wed 7 april 2010

20 high swings kb 1/2 bodyweight plus
40 yd sprint 
7 rounds

and less than  6 min

scale it however you want
post times to comments


  1. 10 mins alternating 44lb (regular swings) then next set 25lb (high swings), and had to do my sprint uphill cause that's where I live, so was run-walking back downhill.
    For my first set of 44lb I did high swings but after that fuggedabhouttit.

  2. the workout should have been 1/4 to 1/3 bodyweight overhead swings not 1/2 sorry. If you did it with 1/2 right on

    have fun

  3. 7:10
    I grabbed a 53 lb kb because it was all I had on hand.
    first two rounds were 20 swings, modified to 15 swings for the final 5 (53 lbs is about 1/2 my body weight).
    that was hard, kinda puke-y hard.

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  5. 6:00
    I used a 25lb KB (was a bit timid b/c the back was hurting earlier in the week.)Modified it to 15 swings for all rounds. Afterward felt I could have done more...grrrr...

    Got any more rowing workouts I could throw into the mix?

  6. Did 7:40 using a 1/4 body weight kettle ball.

  7. 10:32 30 lbs kettlebell; 100yd run to work on sprints.