Monday, April 5, 2010

5 mon 2010

150 push ups for time
if you can do 10 chest to ground with your knees off the ground then ALL of them are off the ground and chest touches. (ALL of them)
if you can't do 10 then ALL of them are knees down and chest touches.

take a break whenever you want. You have 4 burpees anytime you break.
If you cant do 10 chest to ground on your knees do on your tummy lay down stand ups.
if you get to 12 min stop


  1. 11:51. again a 4 minute workout that took almost the whole time. See this sugar and gluten thing is not my friend. haha

  2. 10:00 - to 85. I don't know if it is sugar and gluten but I did have some. This sucked in the sense that it was just hard to do not in the sense that it made me want to puke.
    I will be trying this again.

  3. someone sent me an email that was excited by the sugar gluten slowdown, saying that it was a cool science experiment. It is. Take note DONT EAT IT! It makes you feel like shit and perform like a sloth

  4. How do you spell "Total Humility"? I was on knees to chest and still maxed out at like 85 in the time and just substituted extra burpees. This is what happens when you don't work out for a long time and then when you do, you forget to add pushups in.

    You know it sucks when you're thankful for the burpees. Obviously no need to put paint on nipples for some time.

  5. 12:00 - 106 chest to ground push ups... yes, i actually did them full out with feeling... kiss my black ass goddamn you A.T.!!! & you know they were full out because i'm PISSED!!! off to bed and i'd better be able to move my freakin' arms tomorrow!!! what'd you say tomorrow was? dead lifts and over head squats??!! tttssskk, PLEASE!! i have a ballet class on wednesday and a parkour class to kick out on thursday... tomorrow is a day of sprints!!!