Friday, April 2, 2010

Fri 2 april workout

150 double unders
anytime you need a break or mess up you have 5, one handed swings. If you dont have a kettlebell you have 3 i arm burpees ea side.

for those that have a rower row 500 m 3 hours after workout

post times to comments


  1. adam grumpy have done this before in 4 ish minutes today double unders did not cooperate grrrrrr 8.27

  2. 11:30... it was the jump rope - - it slowed me down!! (hehehehe!) i do like this one though! ... rather jump than do high swings ANYDAY!!!

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  4. Went into this thinking "I can't do DUs in a row," so did single-double alternates til I'd done 150 DUs and using 25lk KB. 9mins 30.

    But then as if to prove that I "couldn't do DUs in a row" I did 19 of them in a row. DUH!! That is SO me. Mental limitations. Like when I did a pull up after telling me, "Look how I can't do a pull up!"

    So maybe I will try again and time it.

  5. double-under cooperated, one arm swings with 35lb.
    4:53 - crushed me to bits, f*ck!

  6. Wow, you can comment, too.

    Whoever thought there was an exercise out there so diabolically nasty that one-arm swings with 45 would genuinely be a rest break.

    I blew through it in 28:30. Guess I'm not yet a double-under kind of guy as found I had to go double-under, single, single, single, double-under, single, single, single, and somewhere actually got through 15 or so without a break but for the rest it was almost all three or four before a miss. By the end I was not a happy exerciser.

    Go f*ck with somebody for me.


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  8. Started the workout was clip'n along good and using a 25lb KB then 1/3 the way through got a nasty kink in my lower right back/hip.....ggggrrrrr......Love the Rower Love the Rower...Good Rower!