Thursday, April 8, 2010

sat 17 April 2010

10 dead lifts BW
5 thrusters w/ kettlebell 1/2 BW

5 rounds total; 2 min rest between ea. round

scale as needed
post to comments


  1. 115 lbs deadlift / 30 lbs kb 5 thrusters each side. couldn't get anywhere near 1/2 my bodyweight for a single arm thruster- - attempted 44lbs but wasn't gonna happen!

  2. deadlifts with 135 lbs, thrusters with 35 lb kb

  3. note: thrusters are holding the kb upside down with both hands and squatting down (sort of like wall ball) and thrusting the kb over your head with a hip drive. this is NOT intended for one arm.

  4. my bad, i forgot that he does thrusters with two hands on one kb... there are single arm thrusters done from deep squat to standing with a push-press. so that's what i did - - next time! still don't think i could do half my BW!!! ;-)

  5. I tried the deadlifts @ 135lb but felt my form was sucking so I went down to 95lb. Form was better. As for the thrusters I alternated between 35lb and 25lb, so I ended up doing 3 rounds @ 35lb and 2 @ 25lb.

  6. misread my own workout
    did deadlifts and clean and jerks

    205# dead 10x and 135# c& j 5x
    whew tired

    fun though