Monday, April 12, 2010

mon 24 may 2010

15 jumping pull ups
10 HIGH swings w/kettlebell 1/4 BW
5 thrusters w/kettlebell 3/4 BW

whatever time it takes to complete round, take that time off before next round
AMRAP in 20 mins.

post to comments
scale as needed
*note: in high swings kb is taken to vertical position over head.
use olympic bar for thrusters if no kb 3/4 body weight

kb swings vs. high swings :

two-hand to kb thruster:


  1. 8 rounds 30lb kb
    1 round 35lb kb

  2. 8 rounds, 45 lb kb for high swings
    2x35 lb kb's for thrusters

    That was a whole lot more demanding than it looked like it would be just reading it.

  3. 5 rounds total + 5 pull ups
    30# kb for hi swings all rounds
    25# kb- 5 single arm thrusters ea. side all rounds