Thursday, April 8, 2010

mon 03 may 2010

20 - 16 - 10 high row w/ kettlebell 1/4 BW
20 - 16 - 10 lay down stand ups
400 m run

3 rounds total - - first round 20 ea. high row & lay down stand ups; 2nd round 16 ea; 3rd round 10ea. 400m run remains the same all 3 rounds

post time to comments
scale as needed


  1. i did it... forgot to start timer.
    not sure if i ran a full 400m but best guess.
    did 20 swings at end.
    all i know is that im sweaty and gorss now
    so that must be a good thing

  2. any suggestions on what to replace run with?

  3. 11:16
    26 lb. kb for high-rows
    + 5 dead hang pull-ups

  4. 16:22
    35lb kb for high rows. those numbers were for EACH arm, right? SUCKED!
    400 meter row each time.
    I repeat, SUCKED!
    I am still mentally kicking you in the shins, 3 hours later.

  5. Did 10,8,8 with 30lb KB , 400 m run ea. time
    in 8mins

    4-1min on/ 30 off on the rower
    ave watts 188

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  7. 15mins ish. weak form on rows. still learning. 2min jump rope vs run. moderate speed. stand ups hurting less.

  8. 16:20 using 45lb kb, doing 20-20-20, 16-16-16, 12-12-12. By the time I got to the third set, I had already forgetten it was 10 reps.

    I'm really feeling all those hanging legs raises from the previous workout.

  9. 14:58 25#kb missed this workout the week given so getting it in now so as not to miss any before this 2 month challenge is over.