Wednesday, March 6, 2013

STAMOB 20 min

Back Squat working up to a max ( with good form)

AMRAP 7 min

HSWU x 2
Pullup x 4
Double Unders x 60


  1. wow i never would have thought of some of these
    that pistol to handstand thang is darn impressive.
    QUESTION: if I don't have a rack at my house, I can't really get into a heavy back squat without help, right? Do I go buy a rack then? (is that a dumb question? you can say "yes")

  2. That or you can get some saw horses. This is an interesting way to load because you have to load up at the bottom of the movement. You probably wont be able to load quite as much but it is cheap and effective. It also keeps you in check. If you cant get it off the saw horses properly then you shouldnt be taking it off the rack that way. Plus saw horses are much cheaper than a rack.