Saturday, December 8, 2012

STAMOB 5 different movements 20 min total through the day

oly practice.
use a 5 rep max weight for a full olympic snatch unbroken

2 snatch pulls
1 snatch
2 clean pulls
1 clean
1 push jerk
2 split jerks one on  ea side

total of 5 rounds with as much time as you like in between minimum of 5 min. make sure there is no form breakdown. This is not a workout but a neuro training.

Part 3
2 metcons

Metcon 1
1/4 bodyweight kettlebell

kb snatch x7 ea side
5 ring dips

5 rounds for time

Metcon 2. (stolen from Crossfitfootball and slightly modified)
1/3bw kb

10 swings (2 hand)
5 ohs
5 fs
25 yard front rack carry
do the other side to return the 25 yards
Start the ohs and fs / carry on the weaker arm
this is one round
3 rounds for time

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