Friday, November 23, 2012

using the same weight as yesterday
Bulgarian split squat

the rep scheme is a ladder
up 2-4-8-10
down 10-8-4-2

with the split squat divide the number between both legs, so @ 10 you do 5 on each leg.

wait at least 2 hours and run 1 mile for time. If you cant run 1 mile under 8 min then do 150 double unders or 500 single jumps on the jump rope

also remember to do some mobility/stability work

1 comment:

  1. Bulgarian split squat @ 135#
    Strict Pullups the 10's were broken

    one mile @ 6:12

    whew I am tired and the deep rotators and glutes are going to be SORE. I dont normally condone getting sore but every now and then why not