Tuesday, November 20, 2012

5x5 deads @ 75% of max

3x3 deads @ 85% of your max

spread through the day

3 x 5 Hand stand push ups. No kipping.

pick 5 neuro movements

they need to cover the following
straight arm
bent arm
hip extension
stabilize (stay stationary)
transit (travel through space)


  • straight arm and stabilize, push
    • Lvel 1 Ring dip lockout, turn the rings palms facing out and hold
    • Level 2 "" in a  tuck sit
  • Bent arm, push, transit
    • super low spidermans
  • Hip extension, straight arm stabilize, 
    • pistol into a handstand land on opposite leg and repeat x4
  • cartwheel
    • straight arm transit

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