Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Strict pullups
+14# x 5
+15# x 5
+16# x 5
3 minutes between rounds
waited 10 minutes before metcon

on the minute for 7
5 ring pull ups
max box jumps at 36" or half your height(ish)

1 comment:

  1. The original workout was the metcon with 5 ring dips, but my ribs are still really sore in a dip motion so I substituted pull ups on rings. I should have changed the amount to 3 pullups. They were horrible and too many, I didnt have a tree high enough to hang them so I could kip and the strict after set two were all broken. The box jumps were cake because of that. Had I dont the dips I would have been able to induce a different type of suck to my workout. Regardless it worked out well enough.

    The strict pullups at the begining were all unbroken
    The metcon
    36 box jumps and crappy cross of strict and flailing pullups. (ok not that bad but you get it)