Monday, November 15, 2010

rev ladder
chest to ground pushups 10, 9,8 down to 1
between each set of pushups bear crawl 20 yd then sprint 40 yd jog back


same but only even numbers

front laydown stand ups tummy must touch ground


  1. Adam just started the Robb Wolf paleo diet in his book, is it normal to get headaches and feel crappy? I don't feel much like exercising either just work thru it and do the workout any way? thanks

  2. Intermediate- 7 minutes, 21 seconds.

    So I learned that I had my hips too high for the bear crawl and I'm slow as crap. Working on it though! Thanks for the great workout! I'm going to go munch on a grass fed steak now.

    P.S. Lynn, that's very normal. I felt awful for the first three or four days, but my co-worker felt like crap for about a week and a half. You're going through withdrawals. Keep it up! It's so worth it!

  3. Thanks Kati. it is amazing how addicted to sugar and bread like products I am! it is such a mental thing for me too changing basically the way I was taught to eat from infancy I hope that I can stick with this for the rest of my life It seems like the key is the first 30days and then if you do slip to get right back on the wagon.

  4. I was also curious, are you cutting out soft drinks? If so, your headaches could be from caffeine withdrawals too. Maybe try some hot or iced tea instead if this is the case? When I started eating paleo, I had already kicked my caffeine habit because it was causing rebound migraines. I think that helped me out a whole lot with the initial feel yuckness.

    And you forgot to mention how in the first thirty days everyone you know just had to bake you fresh brownies and cookies from scratch. Then they look at you like you're a crazy freak when you politely decline.

  5. Lynn I have seen people suffer for up to 3 weeks. Stick with it and then you will feel like a super hero. I am happy to hear that you are reading Robbs book. He also has a free podacast called the Paleolithic Solution, it is a good resource.

    awesome job

  6. 8min 40sec
    then did a 5 3 1 of strict press
    then did parkour wall mantles

    whew tired

  7. Kati, I haven't had anything but water, juice or tequila in the last year.:) I can't do caffine it almost kills me. every one thinks I am crazy my nurse friend said" you know paleolithic man only lived till their 30" I told her that was because they didn't have guns or penicillin;).

    Ironically my nutrition teacher was passing around a bag full of halloween candy in class today and I held my breath and shoved it at the next person, they all think i am weird any way because I eat ostrich/beef jerky and apples.

    Thanks Adam I am amazed at how well my blood sugar has already regulated out. I have had no problems with it so far and am starting to feel a little better already! Keep the beginner workouts coming please:).

    Adam I am confused on one point dark chocolate. because in the Primal Blueprint book it seems ok like once a week?

  8. Lynn,
    First primal man lived longer than 30. Their average age was younger than that because of the infant death toll. So (65+0) / 2= 35. However that said those that did live a whole life had almost no sign of diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, dental issues, strokes, etc. Where as almost all of us show these problems.

    Dark chocolate at 85% +cacoa plus is okay to have some everyday if some to you means 1/4 bar. If "some" to you means a bar through the day then the answer is once a week.

    I take dark chocolate and melt it then add crushed mint or seaweed or sea salt then cool it and I have to say WOW!
    or I take berries pour coconut milk over the berries and shredded dark chocolate and maybe some crushed nuts.

  9. Thanks Adam I will have to try that! No I meant 1-2 little squares. I think that i may have been eating to much fruit also so I cut back on that an am trying more of the berries.
    Do you temper the chocolate and do you melt it in a double boiler?