Sunday, November 21, 2010

20, 15 10
do 20 of ea then 15 then 10

Kettlebell high swings
Double unders

scale as needed (however if you can not do double unders then you have jumping pullups or burpees)


  1. 5:33 45# regular kb swings; du's; 1/2 chest to ground pushups & 1/2 reg push ups

    a month ago this workout took under 5 min doing ALL chest to ground pushups and i felt strong... in a month i'm slower and feel less powerful but i'm leaner with the increase of ssc & decrease in metcons and heavy lifting. feel like there's no middle ground for me. either i'm strong and bulky or leaner and weaker - - a little disheartening.

  2. 4 :45 with 75 #kb
    I had a problem with a hill and hair. Trying to do double unders on a hill is a new challenge for me
    My hair was long enough that every jump the rope would hit it and slow down the rope enough to screw me up.

    So flat surfaces and some sort of hair retention or haircut is in order.

  3. 6 min using a leather jump rope (sucks) and 53lb kb