Wednesday, September 1, 2010


3mile run
followed by 20 15 10 double unders and pushups
2 mile run
followed by 20 15 10 lay down stand ups burpees
1 mile run
followed by max dead lift and max strict pullups

the idea is to try and have the same pace for the runs
and max effort for the metcons


  1. if it takes you longer than an hour stop

  2. holy shit that was ugly in 100+degree weather

  3. I modified this to 1 mile each round. But it was torture anyway. I challenge you to get me to the point that I can do this with each mile being the same time.
    Did it approx 40 minutes-I didn't stop the clock at the end because I collapsed.
    6 pullups at the end and 10 deadlifts (bw).