Tuesday, August 17, 2010

uh oh pt 2

try to get done within 24 hours of yesterdays

strict pull ups and double unders

double unders constant at 50
pullups constant at 50% of your max

7 rounds

then either a loaded jog or very quick walk of 2 miles


  1. 16:30 7 pullups per round
    today I couldnt get my double unders together. Usually I can get between 50 and 70 unbroken easily but today no more than 20. Plus TIRED from yesterday.

  2. did alternate workout you gave me:
    50 double unders
    20 kb swings
    7 rounds total

    12:09 25# kb; 45min walk (3miles) w/ 12.5# in weight vest

    question: yesterday for neuro tried pistols with 12.5# weight vest, REALLY hard could only do 2 on weak left side yet i can, with relative ease, do 3-5 holding a 25#kb at chest height. (relative ease meaning it's harder than an unloaded pistol but easier to hold 25#kb than it is wearing 12.5# in weight vest -- couldn't even do 1 (on weak side) with 15# in weight vest. why such a difference with half the weight?? that really surprised me.

  3. it is harder because the weight vest is around your trunk and when you do the pistol you have more weight that is puling you backwards. When you have a kettlebell in a racked position you have the weight in front of you and it will pull you forward slightly.

    Much harder to do with a weight vest

    strong work by the way

  4. i am following the blog but only just got the juice up to start working out again. DUs and PUs yesterday scared me coz my jumping skillz are off.

    So today: 10x box jumps - 20 jumping pull ups - 10 swings with 44#kb - then 5 one leg deadlifts each side with 44lb.
    4 times (11 mins), rest (4 mins) then 3 times (10 mins??). I feel out of shape physically and mentally after being sick and kind of futzing out on hard workouts for a while. It's hard to push myself alone. Maybe will hook up with Kelly ...

  5. did the modified version of this workout you gave:
    50 double unders
    2 strict pull ups
    3 toes to bar

    7 rounds total & 3 mile walk w/12.5# weight vest immediately after

    13:01 not my greatest time but after parkour last nite, not too disappointed. this was an awesome week! the double under workouts this week put some spring in my step!! parkour felt good last nite even after a 3 week hiatus! looking forward to getting outside on concrete again --did i say that??!