Sunday, August 22, 2010

20 cleans at 75 - 80% of your max or bodyweight which ever is lower.

anytime you need a break 1 handstand wall walk up and 10 double unders

then either play a sport or go for a loaded walk.


  1. 2:09 70# cleans (74% of my max clean wt of 95#)

    did 10 cleans then 1 set of handstand walkup/DU's then remainder of cleans then added extra set of handstand walkup/DU's.

    this sounded much more difficult than it actually was... thought i'd have at least 2 breaks -- dreaded the thought of handstand walkups!! fun if there's only 1 but gross if more than 3-5 and in multiple rounds!!!

    thanks for an easy on the body workout today! will do deadlifts & windmills later for neuro/strength: 185# 3x's for 3 sets; 80# 3x's single leg for 3 sets each side; windmills w/ 25# kb - - if that doesn't sound appropo give a head's up.

  2. didnt have jump rope nor a wall
    so instead I worked on head stand to handstand and a 1 mile loaded speed walk with 20 pullups in the middle

    185# cleans whew nasty