Thursday, August 12, 2010

I lived in Jackson Hole Wyoming for a couple of years and I plan to move back soon. One of the most breathtaking parts of Jackson is when you look anywhere 360 you see nature. You see wild animals, mountains and a sea of dark green. This dark green is pine trees. You see aspens and pine trees everywhere.

However, in the last 2 years this pine tree view has been decimated by an insect. The villain is, play some villainous music here, “The Pine Beetle”. It has begun a wild and voracious consumption of the pines. Two years ago I would walk into my yard to join my dog for some peeing on bushes, while looking around and the view was fewer dead pine trees than I could count on my fingers. Now half of the trees are grey and stripped of their needles.

Sad day, damn beetle. There are many reasons and implications of this destruction but not a lot of fixes. The forefront of these fixes is

This is not just happening in Wyoming, but in Colorado, Idaho, Montana and Canada. I am not happy and I doubt that anyone but the pine beetle is happy. I also don’t usually give a shit about causes. Gay marriage, health insurance, homelessness stuff like this is a choice and it is crap that we humans bring on ourselves. However this is one of those things that will not go away. Actually that is not true. The pine beetles will kill themselves because they will eat all of their food. Then the pine beetle will die but then we have no more pine trees.

Oh here is a solution lets take all of the fake Christmas trees and plant them on the mountain. Yes that will work. Okay never mind ignore the first part of the post and fuck

Ok have a fun day


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  1. if the news suddenly showed thousands of whales washed up dead on shorelines because of climate change people would be outraged and take action. this is similar in my mind because some of the trees are hundreds of years old or 1200 years old and they are dead within a week - because warm temps mean the beetles have not been killed by cold like they used to.

    but trees way up high on hillsides don't get the same response from people, we just assume there will be more of them, and it's harder to tell the story. when you are up there at least for me these beings have as much presence as a whale or something that moves and breathes for gods sake.

    Fucking blows.