Sunday, July 18, 2010

Monday 19th

1o walking lunges with 10% of your bodyweight overhead
10 Laydown stand ups with 10 % of your bodyeweight
10 double unders (if you can not do double unders sprint 50 meters)
AMRAP 15 min (a minimum of 10 rounds. You have to get at least 10 rounds done regardless of time. If you get to 10 and you still have time keep going until 15 min is up)


  1. about 19 minutes for 10 rounds, 13 pound medicine ball (alternated rounds-- 5 with weight, 5 without), sprints

  2. Didn't have 10% weights so did a 25kb workout.
    Can I share 2 interesting fitness discoveries of the day?
    1. working out at 6500 feet direct from sea level is kind of hard. Holy heart muscles! Any reminder on advice for working out at mountain altitude?
    2. after not working out for 10 days while on retreat + shedding about ten tons of ancient emotional energy, I could 'stick' handstands for an eternity. Incredible. Does anyone think there is some kind of equation there? Methinks yes.
    3. PS looking for workout buddies in Jackson area.

  3. call Kelly chadwick at 121 wellness in jackson she also reads the blog so you could probably email here there.

    aclimitization happens faster if you do short metcons and then some slow steady state cardio. (in jackson walk up old pass road) Also if you do metcons more often in everyday training you have an easier time at altitude.

  4. Thx. I was surprised that I felt pretty decent doing a short met con today -- but how much quicker I got that "gotta barf" steel feeling in my throat with a fairly undramatic workout. Good times, good times...

  5. That was tough!
    45# overhead lunge 28# laydown stand up 15min 07sec 10 rounds. I thought "well I'm strong I will up my weight." my body replied with, "bitch please".

  6. no 12# avail so used 10#, 10 rounds + 10 overhead lunges & 5 laydown stand ups. a little disappointed in time considering used less than 10% BW. thought i'd be able to get in 12 rounds with that weight especially since there was no pulling or pushing!!! liked the weighted laydown standups as i usually fly thru them simply b/c of flexibility and short stature... will use weight from now on!!

  7. Dumb question but when you lie down stand up are you holding weight in 2 hands, and not pushing off ground with a hand at all or kind of switching to one hand at that point? Don't have one to try this with at present.