Thursday, July 8, 2010

Health and Fitness are not synonymous

Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness are not synonymous. You can be healthy without being fit. You cannot be fit without being healthy. You can be strong, fast, flexible, and or have endurance but not be fit or healthy.

In the last few years of training I have begun to learn that some people don’t want to be fit they just want to be healthy,

Healthy can be reached with minimal movement, 85 – 90% compliance to Paleo Nutrition, and sleep. This, even though it pains me to make this statement, is what most Americans want. They want to be healthy, but even with this simple concept few Americans can actually live a healthy lifestyle. The short term, mental and emotional, high that Americans get from food, as well as the pressure be like everyone else is satiated with crappy choices that set Americans up for being unhealthy. The flood of quick fixes and bad advice also support the unhealthy.

Next, we have people start too deep too soon and set themselves up for failure. The body wants to be healthy and more so it wants to be fit. The problem here is Americans are into this short-term gratification. The average person needs to get healthy first with rehabbing themselves, physically and emotionally before trying to get fit.

For the Average American with normal insulin resistance and carrying to much body fat needs about 3 weeks to no longer feel like crap when they start along the healthy road. This is because the body is detoxing all that crap that has been done to it. It is trying to learn new metabolic pathways (the bodies fuel systems) and trying to fix the gut lining. This is uncomfortable. (Remember uncomfortable because it will return later in fitness.) Most Americans can only handle about 2 weeks of this lack of being comfortable. They don’t like the way they look, that extra 15 pounds of fat. An extra 15 pounds of fat IS NOT OK! It causes serious damage to the body. They don’t like the way they feel. This tired coffee, and a pastry to have enough energy to stay awake on the commute to work and then the coffee at work so one can stay on task. They are tired when they get home and have trouble sleeping well. (Better the devil they make out with, I mean know)

That first 3 weeks SUCKS because you are trying to clean up all this mess that is going on in the body. I saw a t-shirt that said, “Pull up your big girl panties and suck it the fuck up!” However the person was overweight and having coffee and a pastry. The shirt accentuates her extra 15 pounds.

TO be healthy nutrition and sleep are 90% of what is needed. However, everyone trying to get healthy wants to turn to movement, pills, lap bands and machines that will shake jiggle and spin them to health.


To be fit you first have to get healthy. Fitness can come into play to help health but the intro has to have been started. Now, Fitness training is NOT COMFY! It sucks but in such a good way. There is a training aspect a mental aspect and there should be a childlike sense of abdonment and play aspect.

I don’t see it. People think that they have to be good at something before they try it. If that were the case none of us would write, type, walk, chew or have sex. (None of us were good at this stuff when we first started. P.S. fitness makes them all better!) Crossfit, (which doesn’t support overall fitness anymore, overtrains and doesn’t follow one of their own guidelines) did a great job in describing a very vital concept, “learn and play new sport.” This is really, really important. It challenges us the same as when we were children and stimulates our brains. (Check out the book “Spark” by john ratey) It also lets us feel a sense of accomplishment, meet different people, and gives our “fitness” a fun platform for expressing itself. To see our body move and do things that we couldn’t do or didn’t know we could do is exciting. However, it is back to being uncomfortable.

If you are afraid to express your body through movement you wont ever get fit. If you are afraid to try new things you wont get fit. If are unwilling to get healthy you wont ever be fit. I don’t want to be 75 years old and have someone wiping my ass, or taking insulin, or carrying an extra 50 (even 10) pounds. I don’t want to be someone that has to walk with a cane. I don’t want a handicap placard in my window. I don’t want to look in the mirror and look at me and think damn what happened, but shit I was comfortable! (Watch WallE).

Get healthy and be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Then get fit, be smarter, faster, stronger and have fun!

(oh yeah that picture is NOT HOT!)


  1. Hmmmm, I like this post a lot. None of it is easy to hear as we all know that place of desiring something but then being faced with the reality: neither the choices we must make nor the things we must do to support those choices come easily. Think this post could be entitled "living versus existence"....

  2. okay, obviously this has got my wheels spinning! 1st read & impression: "okay, toughen up, nose to the grindstone, get on with it - - i get it." But with a second read this was what i'm left with: no child learns to walk (to use your example) without the encouragement of some caregiver to encourage him and that encouragement comes in almost equal measure to the effort put forth... so, i guess the unspoken part of the blog would be that there is always someone there to help us acheive our desires, no matter how insurmountable they may seem, but we'll never come to know not only our unexpressed possibilities but also the power of combined effort & encouragement without taking & commiting to the first step. hmmmm, i can dig it... be uncomfortable & feel like a dweeb, receive help, build inspiring relationships, learn something new, acheive goals = feelin' damn good!!

  3. does this mean... no more ice cream????

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  5. I admire what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the comments that this is working for you as well.

  6. Great write-up, I am a big believer in commenting on blogs to inform the blog writers know that they’ve added something worthwhile to the world wide web!..